Somes Relevants References and Experiences of SenEngineering International SA related to Water , Sanitation and Environment

Conducted Projects NameCountriesDateCustomerFunding Sources
Provision of technical and financial assistance to SONES for the Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement of the Grande Côte seawater desalination plant construction project (400 000m3/day)Senegal2023-2024SONES World Bank
Creation and operationalization of an interactive database of sanitation projects completed in rural areas by the Directorate of Sanitation of Senegal and partners. Senegal2023Direction de l'Assainissement (DA)BCI
Technical assistant on the "Construction project of the seawater desalination plant of Les Mamelles: detailed design, tender assistance and supervision and control of construction", Dakar, Senegal.Senegal2017-2025Nippon Koei /SONESJICA
Technical assistance mission to SAED as part of the irrigated rice production project In the Senegal River Valley – (2023-2030)Senegal2023-2030SAEDJICA
Support to the Government of Senegal (Ministry of water and sanitation) for the preparation of the Ten-Year Flood Management Programme (PDGI) in Senegal (2023-2033) Senegal2022-2023Government of Senegal (Ministry of Water and Sanitation)Government of Senegal
Development of a Sanitation (Wastewater and Feacal sludge management) and Drainage Systems Master Plan for 17 Cities : Daga Kholpa and Diass (Lot 1) and Pout and Kayar (Lot 2), Senegal. Senegal2022-2023ONASGovernment of Senegal
Development of a Sanitation (Wastewater and Feacal sludge Management ) and Drainage Systems Master Plan for the Cities of Foundiougne and Sokone (Lot 1) and Kédougou, Salemata, Saraya and Backel (Lot 2), Senegal. Senegal2022-2023ONAS (National Sanitation utiliies)Government of Senegal
Support for the diagnosis of the water and sanitation sector in Senegal (Urban/Rural) and the development of the investment program to meet the SDG target 6 by 2030,
Senegal2022Government of Senegal (Ministry of Water and Sanitation)World Bank
Support to the Government of Senegal for the Development of a Road Map for the Reform of Urban liquid Sanitation (Wastewater, Faecal Sludge Management and Drainage Systems) Senegal2020-2022Government of Senegal/World BankWorld Bank
Technical Assiatant to Crane Engineering for the Field testing of Oystra, Omni-Ingestor in Dakar , Senegal in the framework of Reinvinting the Toilets Programme of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Senegal2020-2020Crane EngineeringBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Research and Development Programme on Innovative Sanitation Technologies: Develop and Adapt to the African context, the incinerator toilet (Cinderella) designed by AXI-TEK (England) Senegal2019-2022Axi-TekAXI-TEL
Develop Draft National Standards for the Design, Installation and Management of Non-Sewered Sanitation Facilities (Senegal)Senegal2020GGGI/ONAS/DABill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Provision of Consulting service for making the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies related to construction works of a compact water treatment for potable water (90 m3/h or 1980 m3/jour) use at Kedougou, SenegalSenegal2018-2020SONESSONES
Provision of consultancy services to TÜV SÜD PSB with respect to the project Sanitation Technology Verification and Certifications Center for ( Reinvented Toilets) RTs and Fecal sludge treatment Plants (OPs), commissioned by the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Team, of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Laboratories capacity assessment studies and requirements to establish new laboratories (chemical and microbiological) in Senegal in order to measure parameters within ISO 30500 et ISO31800. Senegal2018TÜV SÜD PSBBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Technical Assistant on “Mamelles Sea water Desalination Plant Construction Project: detailed design, tender assistant and supervision and control of the construction”, Dakar, Senegal Senegal2017-2022Nippon Koei /SONESJICA
Develop innovative Toilets Market in Senegal and Ensure Quality control of the construction works based on the business model designed by ONAS (Senegalese national Sanitation utilities)/Oxfam Senegal2017-2019Oxfam/ ONASBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Increasing financial flows for urban sanitation case of Dakar City, SenegalSenegal2017World Water Council (WWC)World Water Council (WWC)
Field-testing of the Loughborough University’s Hydrothermal Carbonization Toilet (HTC) prototype in Dakar, Senegal, as part of the Transformative Sanitation Technology Programme of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Senegal2015-2017Loughborough University / ONASBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Technical Assistance for “2nd Fact-finding Mission of JICA, related to Mamelles Seawater Desalination Plant Construction Project, Dakar, Senegal” Senegal2016JICAJICA
Technical Assistance on “ Preparatory Survey for Mamelles Sewater Desalination Construction Project, Dakar, Senegal” - Feasility Study Senegal2015Nippon KoeiJICA
Improving Conditions for the most vulnerable households leaving in flooded and flood-prone areas of Pikine and Guediawaye, in Dakar, Senegal ” : Research and test of innovative sanitation technologies that are adapted for people living in flood and flood prone areas . Senegal2014-2015Oxfam/ ONASBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Information collection survey on urban water supply in Dakar (Senegal) for the main purposes of verifying the validity of the existing SONES’ (National Water Company of Senegal) Master Plan; and the necessity of Senegalese government to construct “Mamelle” desalination plant in the Capital City Senegal2014JICAJICA